The Development of Brown Fused Alumina in China

Brown fused alumina is one of the most basic abrasive, crushing resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability. In our country, brown fused alumina production technology mature, our country at present, there are fixed furnace smelting methods frit method and dumping furnace smelting method), the production cost is lower than other abrasive, cost performance is better than other abrasive. After 60 years of development, therefore, brown corundum has gradually formed a specific scale industrial system of industrial materials, become irreplaceable, essential material industry development in our country in the national economy important, indispensable component, at present in the consolidation of the abrasive, painting occupies a necessary place in the manufacturing and refractory materials production.

With the rapid development of China’s machinery manufacturing and structural adjustment, the abrasive industry is increasingly demanding the quality of brown fused alumina products; abrasive production enterprises have continuously groped tentative experiments to find a feasible treatment method to improve the quality of brown fused alumina products. At present, the processing technology to enhance the quality of brown fused alumina abrasive products mainly includes: improving the abrasive particle shape, heat treatment, or three chemical coating. Only improve the particle shape to improve abrasive performance far cannot reach the technical requirements of grinding tool, and chemical treatment also there is a high cost, polluting the environment of weakness, so heat treatment was carried out on the brown corundum abrasives has become the primary method to improve the quality of abrasive, widely attention.

Brown fused alumina calcination as a kind of heat treatment of abrasive production use abroad for twenty years, and production in our country to use more than a decade. Henan Sicheng Abrasives Tech Co., Ltd., lucky as one of the earliest implementations of calcined corundum abrasive production manufacturers.

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