What Is Brown Fused Alumina?

Brown fused alumina is produced from high-quality bauxite. This process is conducted via the 3500 KVA electric arc furnace at a temperature higher than 2200℃. The process of products : bauxite broken into crushing machine — elevating– roll crusher mill– sizing —magnetic separator —fine sieve —water washing (acid washing )—package (25kg/pp bag or paper bag,40

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The Development of Brown Fused Alumina in China

Brown fused alumina is one of the most basic abrasive, crushing resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability. In our country, brown fused alumina production technology mature, our country at present, there are fixed furnace smelting methods frit method and dumping furnace smelting method), the production cost is lower than other abrasive, cost performance

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FAQ of Brown Fused Alumina

Question 1: Are you a manufacturer or trader? Yeah, We are the manufacturer of brown fused alumina. Also, we had a good business relationship with other abrasive media & refractory raw materials manufacturer moreover we have QC department which makes strict inspection on goods quality, packing so that we can provide a stable and quick

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