What Is Brown Fused Alumina?

Brown fused alumina is produced from high-quality bauxite. This process is conducted via the 3500 KVA electric arc furnace at a temperature higher than 2200℃.

The process of products :
bauxite broken into crushing machine — elevating– roll crusher mill– sizing —magnetic separator —fine sieve —water washing (acid washing )—package (25kg/pp bag or paper bag,40 bags/ton bag or pallet )

Our brown fused alumina covers two production lines. The F type is mainly used for producing resin cutting /grinding wheels and sandblasting. The P-type is designed for coating abrasives. Raw materials bauxite is primarily acquired from Shanxi, which is more suitable to be used in manufacturing vitrified and coated grinding tools


Brown fused alumina of P-type is commonly used to make a ceramic grinding wheel, grinding stone, sandpaper, sand belt, polish wax, abrasive paste, etc. Its F type can act as a sandblasting abrasive and is commonly used to decontaminate, remove dust, and prevent corrosion for select workpieces. Refractory material: Used primarily for abrasion and high-temperature resistant, inoxidizable aggregate and filling of shaped and monolithic refractory in steel metallurgy, various industrial stoves, electric furnace, etc. Also, the alumina can be used for construction, ideal for airports, chemical factories, and other similar locations. It is also the ideal candidate for precision casting of materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.

According to function, our alumina falls into five major categories: A, A-P 1, A-P 2, A-B, and A-S. Type A is used for ceramic abrasive, A-P 1 is used for abrasive belts, A-P 2 is used for coated abrasives, A-B is used for organic abrasive, and A-S is designed for sand-blast polishing. Our brown fused alumina can also be used with a water-jet dissector or other similar cutting systems to directly grind high-tensile metals such as cast iron, hard bronze, and annealed malleable iron. Apart from being used for manufacturing abrasive tools, it can also produce high-grade fireproof material.

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